We build bridges and break walls to activate, connect and invest in entrepreneurs that are changing the world, for better, for all.



Awarded as the most promising Social Innovation Program Worldwide



We invest in entrepreneurs that create innovative and disruptive solutions to solve world's greatest problems and activate sustainable development #Act4SDGs



We look for mission driven startups that use frontier tech as catalyst for impact #Tech4Good


    • 24 weeks online program
    • Daily communication and support.
    • Weekly mentorship and training.
    • Monthly milestones and investor's days.
    • Fundraising and leadership training.
    • Option to raise up to USD $500K*
    • Lifetime follow-up.


As part of Colaborativo.NET Membership:

    • Collaborate with our global community.
    • Global media exposure and promotion.
    • Colaborativo's Slack and Fellows Intranet.
    • Direct access to our impact investment network.
    • Exclusive corporate and government partnerships.
    • Access to exclusive events, webinars and summits.
    • More than USD $2M in company and personal benefits.


  • Applications
    Accepting on rolling basis
  • Apply at F6S

    Create your profile and apply (50 minutes)

  • Evaluation

    All applications a reviewed monthly.

  • Interview

    The founders will be interviewed by one of the partners.

  • Admittance

    If your application is admitted you'll be notified a few days after the interview.

  • Proposals
    Terms negotiation
  • Due Diligence

    Prepare your company documents for a brief due diligence to determine the right terms for you.

  • Final proposal

    Signature of the terms and membership.




  • Be a mission driven company (solve a widespread problem, not just a market opportunity)
  • Be a technology-based company, preferably frontier tech.
  • Have at least 1 co-founder. (Solopreneurs will not be admitted)
  • Have less than USD $2M in funding.
  • Validated functional prototype or MVP, preferably a product already launched.
  • Have a technical cofounder or team member.
  • Established or plan to establish in any country of Latin America.
  • Use o plan to use frontier technologies.


Preferred Conditions:

  • Company lead and formed by women, latinos, immigrants, indigenous, afro descendants, and other minority racial & ethnic groups.
  • Triple bottom (3P) company with business operations directly benefiting the planet and people. 



  • Products or services that could cause harm or addiction.
  • Products or services that take advantage of any form of vulnerability.
  • Business models that involve any form of use or sale of private data.
  • Weapons, military or defense applications.
  • Use of conflict materials.

Each week your team will meet online with Colaborativo's partners and mentors that will guide you through all the program, also you'll meet with guest mentors that will help you solve specific problems in the day to day operation and will be invited to weekly online master classes from top specialists and entrepreneurship experts.

To complete all activities and tasks you'll have to dedicate from 6-8 hours per week.

Yes, all the program is online, including all the meetings, classes and events. We have made a huge effort to create a resilient and active online community so no matter where you or your team are, you can be part of the action and never miss anything.

The program is completely free of cash payments to make it accesible to everyone, instead we use an innovative instrument that allow us to, in exchange for all the services offered during the program, take as a form of payment a convertible note in your company for the amount of USD $25,000, this note will have a maturity of 24 months, 10% annual rate and CAP between USD $1-5 Millions which will be determined during the due diligence process so we can determine the best terms for your company, No more one deal for everyone, this is a flexible term sheet that recognize your previous achievements amd potential.

Most accelerators are actually VC firms that offer some kind of support program to minimize risk of failure when investing in seed or early stages, using this model implies they only "accelerate" companies that have at least 10X projected return in 4 years or less. 

The problem is that this model promotes that only the founders that had the background and opportunities to achieve the traction needed are actual candidates to apply, leaving out a lot of awesome entrepreneurs that didn't have the possibility to access the same opportunities because of their economic status, race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or disability.

Having independent programs (COLABORATIVOx) from our VC fund (COLABORATIOvc) allow us to offer programs that are accesible and inclusive to entrepreneurs that have the potential to change to world without distinction. 

During the program one of the milestones to achieve is raising funds from Friends/Family and Angels, as part of the program you'll have access to our Impact Investment Community, most startups raise between USD $25-150K in this stage.

Additionally our investment fund (COLABORATIVOvc) invest up to USD $500K as the result of several milestones achieved during and/or after the program, check out our investmente criteria.

Colaborativo.NEt is a non-profit member based community dedicated to support and serve its members, all entrepreneurs must affiliate to the community to be able to receive all the benefits and participate in the day to day life and governance of the organization. The membership fees and full list of benefits can be consulted HERE.